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Sunny Springs Farm is located in Moore County North Carolina.   We have raised horses for about 35 years and decided we had reached a time in our life that we need to downsize our livestock and enjoy life. Today we turn our focus to raising superior quality ABGA registered full blood traditional, paint and spotted Boer goats.  We have raised numerous champions from dogs and horses to cattle and now Boer goats champions to our list of accomplishments. 


We searched the industry far and wide and have selected some of the best Boer goat bloodlines to use in our breeding program.  We would like to thank Jack and Anita Mauldin for their guidance, friendship and allowing us to purchase their herd of reds and paints, which are full of wonderful Ennobled meat goat genetics!.  Please check out our Brood Doe Page to see some of our outstanding Boer does. You will find our Does and Bucks are filled with ENNOBLED genetics and have produced some outstanding kids for showing and breeding.  

Each year  a selection of show quality goats will be offered for sale by private treaty, we are usually sold out of kids early, so if you are interested in a particular blood line or breeding, send me an email and I will place your name on the waiting list.   


All of our goats are show correct and meet the ABGA standard, except for three which have teats that fall in the "questionable" category. All our brood does have pass at least one of their visual inspections for Ennoblement and will have more inspected as they become of age. Jason Brashear of Backwoods Farm will show a select few each year as it is time consuming and next to impossible to show them all.  Participation in goat shows are an important part of our breeding program.   These shows ensure we keep our breeding goals  aligned with breed standards and current industry trends. Our breeding focus is on producing quality meat goats for use within the industry, whether that be for show, breeding stock or a buck for a commercial herd.  ABGA Judges provide the "outsider" opinion and assist us in assessing the true quality of our  breeding stock.  One of the most important aspects of showing is the opportunity to meet other breeders from across the region and the exchange of ideas.  We invite you to take a look at our website and see what's happening at Sunny Springs Farm.  If you have any questions please send us an email or give us a call 910-528-6792. 

Have a great day, Nancy Certain

Proud members of the American Boer Goat Association

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Views of our farm and some of our previous champions

Our farm was designed for horses but with a little modification it works well for our goats.  Our farm has mature pastures of Bahia grass, a great forage for goats.

Livestock fun in TX
Above is  the first bull I co-owned with a group (syndicated) of wonderful cowboys in TX many years ago.  He was Grand Champion Simbra Bull.  And below was my Champion Simbra Heifer, Nike.


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